Luke Meszar

Computer Science and Mathematics Student

Senior Computer Science and Mathematics student at University of Colorado Boulder

Hello, My Name is Luke.

I am Luke Meszar. I'm 22 years old. I was born in Chicago and now reside in Boulder.

I am currently a Senior at the University of Colorado Boulder studying Computer Science and Mathematics.

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Senior - University of Colorado Boulder

I am a Senior in the BS/MS program for Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics at the University of Colorado Boulder.
Current GPA: 3.89

Work and Research Experience


Data Scientist - WebF1 Consulting, LLC

Investigating various scheduling scenarios for both manufacturing and service industries in order to identify scheduling problems that are applicable to a wide range of customers, and whose solutions are tractable. Solutions to those problems will be implemented in the platform.

Summer 2018

Undergraduate Researcher in Symbolic Dynamics

Learned the theory behind shifts of finite type, in particular vertex shifts. Proved that it is decidable if two vertex shifts are conjugate via a given 1-block code. This was an effort to understand the general decidability problem of conjugacies of vertex shifts.

Summer 2018

Undergraduate Researcher in Category Theory, Algebraic Topology, and Group Cohomology

Worked with a previously published group cohomology research paper in order to extend the results presented. Research included category theory including coproducts and symmetric monoidal categories, and algebraic topology through the form of simplicial complexes.


Tutor at Buffalo Academy

Tutor students in Calculus and Data Structures.

Fall 2017

Undergraduate Researcher in Persistent Network Analysis

Studied the mathematics behind mutual information and transfer entropy. Calculated transfer entropy for data from generators in a power systems network.
Built a filtration of graphs using the transfer entropy data and applied network measures to each graph. Used average clustering coefficient and the length of the cycle basis.
Learned about the theoretical background of persistent homology and how it could be applied to networks.

Summer 2017

Undergraduate Researcher in Mathematics

Wrote extensive Mathematica code for working with the Honda formal group law.
Learned about formal group law algebra, formal group law morphisms, the p-adic integers, field extensions, group actions, and coinvariants. Spent significant time working with ideals of formal power series.

Summer 2017

Software Developer - WebF1 Consulting. LLC

Added functionality to an existing collaboration system to allow for scheduling of jobs and employees.

Summer 2016

Software Developer - WebF1 Consulting, LLC

Built a system to manage Time Entry, HR Management, Billing Maintenance, and CRM. Built a mobile time entry app.

Summer 2015

Software Developer - Children's Miracle Network

Built a system to manage donors and their donations for Children's Miracle Network, a major children's hospital charity.

Summer 2014

Software Developer - Midwest Foods

Built a web portal for Midwest Foods, a multi-million dollar food distribution company.


Engineering Honors Program

Honors Residential College at CU Boulder

Engineering Dean's Advisory Board Member

CU Boulder

Coauthored Algebraic Topology Paper

Published at: Computations of Orbits for the Lubin-Tate Ring

Or download: Computations of Orbits for the Lubin-Tate Ring

Dean’s List

Have made Dean’s List for six consecutive semesters.

President Horace M. Hale Award

CU Boulder Esteemed Scholars Program

2014-2015 National Hispanic Recognition Program (NHRP) Scholar

National Award

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If you want to discuss anything with me, feel free to reach out.


Luke Meszar